You would think the perils of writing would be things that involved income, acceptance or, not to say the least, publication.  No.  What I’m talking about is really trying to multi-task.  How many times have you eaten lunch while writing and typed on handed and spelled every single word wrong?  Or tried to run your household while bellowing from your computer desk and wound up typing what you’d just hollered?  These are perils.  This doesn’t count dumping your drink on your keyboard or the whole thing freezing up while you pray that you haven’t lost what you worked on.

I am currently managing my lunch (I just wake up at for so 10 is lunch time for me), a 4-year-old and a dog.  And a house.  All perils.  All things that can bleed into your fiction where people don’t really want to worry about bills and Cup ‘o Noodles in the keyboard.  But it does make the character real doesn’t it?  If I read a character spilled her morning cup of coffee down the front of herself right before she had a meeting, I’d totally relate and we want readers to relate, don’t we?

So where do you personally draw the line between putting reality in your work and making you main character some graceful character?  I am clumsy, shy and sarcastic.  Odds are, my main character is going to have at least one of those characteristics.  Which characteristics of yourself do you put in your characters?  Or are they purely fictional?  Brazen when you’re shy?  That kind of thing.  I’m just wondering if it’s just me or if we all do it.