xanax fairyGood morning my lovely/handsome darklings.  This is actually a good morning.  Sleep involved itself with me last night thanks in part being able to relax to a refilled prescription of Xanax.  I’m a high strung kind of girl and sometimes witch craft isn’t the cure for what ails you.  Occasionally a doctor has to be involved to get you through something.  None of the praying or spells or mixtures of herbs I had tried alleviated my anwiety.  Maybe it’s a falter in my ability, maybe it’s just the way it is but to be able to relax and sleep, I’ll take that little oval pill.  This morning I feel like I can get things done, the mundane house work, the writing and the witch craft.  Rest is an amazing thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still love the night and bright sunlight still hurts my eyes, but the rest of my family are normal day time functioning people and I have to cut my time between their time and my own.  The sleepless puffiness around my eyes may even be reduced enough for some make-up today so I can look human.  Yay!  Granted it will be a gothy human but if you know and love me, you must love my gothy weirdness. 🙂

Plus it’s Friday.  Love spell day and we know I love my love spells.  Maybe I’ll just take it easy today with a simple Sweet Thoughts spell to get back in the groove of things.

As far as writing goes today, I’ll be happy with a couple of pages, also to get back into the groove of that.  I need to reaquaint myself with my characters, get back into their heads and feel them and what they feel so I can tell the story properly instead of stubbornly pushing it forward.  I’m looking for that feeling every writer gets when the story flows right.  When the words just seem to come to you and pour out through your fingertips and onto the screen and you just know it’s good.

If I can manage that I’ll know things are getting better and it will have been a good day.  So I wish all of us a good Friday, full of love and creation of whatever sort you do.  It’s all magic.