black fairyGood morning my darklings.  Since my week run of bad luck, I’ve been considering if it would really be unethical to use magic for myself.  I mean, there wouldn’t be spells for luck, wishes and gambling if some witch somewhere didn’t need one, right?

Would it be wrong for me to cast myself some good luck?  And the big question is would it be wrong for me to do a spell to help my writing or get my book published faster?  The publishing spells wouldn’t be totally for me.  Anything that I would get from a book contract would go to the family (and maybe a laptop lol).  Would it be unfair to other writer’s if I did something like that?  And if it worked, would I be doing spells for publication all the time?  Would it bother me to not know if it was talent or magic or would I just be happy getting what I want?

If you came across something that would grant you one wish, would it be a successful writing career?  Or would you wish for something just as important but that isn’t a dream you have?  I would be torn about that as well.  I have a daughter with Autism and I couldn’t waste that one wish on writing if I could make her not Autistic.  Could I wish that my career is so prosperous that she gets the absolute best of everything to help her, her own teacher dedicated to her?  That still sounds selfish.  Should I just wish for a cure for it.  That would make me just as happy, ecstatic really. 🙂  I do do wish spells for her to continue to improve.

These are just thoughts I have sometimes.  Weird moral dilemmas I place myself in but it’s good for writing.  Sacrifice and moral dilemmas are good for books.  So I’ll behave on the magic but practice on problem solving, I think.