angel of death04 So Cold

Good morning my darklings.  Before me I have, as always, my coffee and a cigarette waiting to be lit.  I’ve been pondering again.  Last night I read my cards and it ended with the Angel of Death.  That will freak some people out.  I read for a friend once long ago and in one spread she got the Devil and the Angel of Death, then she freaked out, ruining the spread and doing Our Father prayers.  Seriously.

She didn’t give me a chance to explain.  Those things are not always bad.  The Devil is a tough on unless he’s inverted but I’m getting away from my post.  The point is my spread ended with the Angel of Death, which can literally mean death depending on the spread but with my other cards, I didn’t take it that way.  The angel can mean a new beginning, death to the past.

It was a proper ending since just yesterday I started the side project I’ve been talking about.  I’m not sure if it’s going to be a short story or a novella yet, but it is horror.  I think this Angel of Death means a new beginning or opening for me.  Maybe it will be easily accepted once it’s done and submitted.  I won’t know how right I am or not until it’s done though but I believe last nights reading is a good sign.  And we all know I look for signs.

So the side project is going to continue.  Not take precedence but go on until the story is done.  Who knows, maybe the story is a full length manuscript?  I probably should have gone further into the spread to get more details, laid out more cards.  Maybe I should have called this blog The Lazy Witch. 🙂