Date Reviewed: 07 September 2011

Reviewer: Malcolm Archibald, MA (Hons); DipLitt; Lecturer, writer and researcher


Urban fantasy is not my usual genre of fiction, so I approached this text with a little trepidation. I had, however, been made aware of the author’s previous publication record and I had read some of her published and as- yet- unpublished works.

Brimstone Blues is far ahead of the usual run-of-the-mill vampire book. It has unique touches of imagination that hint at great potential in the author; it has characters that greet the reader with a smile or a hiss; it has a style all of its own that carries the reader on a roller-coaster ride which successfully suspends the imagination so that the unbelievable becomes believable and  the unlikely becomes the norm .

The main female character could be your next door neighbour, save for her unusual occupation, and the main protagonist is the sort of person one hopes never to meet, even within the confines of a nightmare.  In the twisted world created by the author, Krista Krueger, the two seem joined in an eternal battle, and the sequence of events follow in a smooth path to a conclusion that manages to jar the reader, in the best possible manner.

The reader can taste the blood in the violence; can feel the fear; can laugh at the dark humour and feel the passion of the tasteful eroticism.  Brimstone Blues is a hard book to put down, and I did not; at least, not until the problems had been resolved and the last word had been put in its proper place.

If you are searching for a bed time story to read to a two year old, then this is not the book for you. If you are searching for a book packed with action and adventure, raw emotion and gutsy fear, where the writing is superb and the pace relentless from the very first page, then pick up Brimstone Blues , find a quiet corner to yourself and read. You will not regret it. But there is one caveat: don’t expect to do anything else until the book is completed.

I can only say: nice one, Krista. I look forward to more of the same from this young Maryland author.

Malcolm Archibald