Hi Krista!
You just sent me the first few chapters, right?  I’ve finished what was sent to me & enjoyed it greatly! I’m hooked. I tend to be a pretty tough critic. My biggest peeves are annoying writing styles, bad dialogue and annoying characters. Thankfully your writing style flows, your dialogue is right on and I liked all your characters. What a refreshing read.

I think it clever that this is about zombies. I do think vampires are over done. I also think it neat that you know so much about about mortuaries. I think other readers will as well. I know you have mentioned in the past that you thought about becoming a funeral director, etc, how far did you get into it to know so much? What did you have to do to get these facts? I love when authors do their research. Thank you for doing it…though, I don’t know much about it myself, I can tell you do.  

I had a friend in high school whose father owned and ran a funeral home. The family lived downstairs & all the happening were upstairs. I never took the tour but always thought it strange to be in his house while the dead were laid out upstairs above my head.  Now that I’m a writer, I wish I would have picked his brain about what it was like living among the dead.     
Great job, Krista! You have a wonderful talent! I think the publishing house who picks you up will be very happy with the sales!

Carrie 🙂