I got some pumpkins last night because I promised I would.  They all varying sizes, little ones that just sit around and look like pumpkins, a medium that I could carve but I’m going to leave alone to give some balance to the tiny ones and one big one to carve.  I’ve drawn the face on him as a guide.  I’m notoriously bad with knives, like people hold their breath a dinner time when I cut up meat.  I could very well be getting stitches in my hand today and be typing this one-handed high on pain pills tomorrow. lol  Anyway, I ask around and the votes are for a happy pumpkin.  sigh. 

Wait a minute, coffee’s done.  Better.  Now a cigarette.  Okay now I can move on with the story.

So here I am 100% overruled.  And a happy pumpkin.  I spent time yesterday on-line watching how to carve cool pumpkin and use tools and props and they just want and regular old smiling pumpkin.  Now Monday I have to go on a trip to a pumpkin patch which always ends with picking out a pumpkin so I could wait.  But I can’t wait.  I do have this cool idea for a haunted house though.  The trick is to leave enough pumpkin touching pumpkin.  So if I got a third, I could try that out.  I could cut out some windows so they look lit and maybe a slither of door so it looks like it’s open just a crack.

The biggest problem I’ll face here, besides not screwing up the pumpkins, is not stabbing anyone else in the process while I try not to stab myself.  Wish me luck, my gothlings.  And go carve a pumpkin, don’t just go around smashing them on Devil’s Night, okay?  At least stay away from mine. 🙂