Good morning darklings.  I have to say that after all the freezing cold, below zero temps, wind and snow, those couple of days of spring-like weather were very nice.  Being able to enjoy a cigarette on my front porch, watching squirrels run around like crazy creatures with spring fever, was more enjoyable than I remember it before.  But today is overcast and gray.  Raining and dark.  It suits me better than the sunshine days.  It makes me want to write.  Which is a good feeling.  One I haven’t had in a while.  That’s kind of sad because writing is one of the few things I’ve ever wanted to do every day since I was small.

That feeling has been missed.  It can be appreciated now in a way that it wasn’t before.  I can see the hole that was left behind in its place and today it might be able to fill it up some of the way.  This day won’t be wasted or taken for granted.  I’ll use it up and absorb it to make something worthwhile.  Hopefully.  🙂  At least it won’t be taken for granted.  Not anymore.  Not now that I know how easily any day can be lost.

So, if you’re anything like me, take today and squeeze the gloominess from it.  Take the darkness and turn it into something beautiful.  Create something lovely from the dismal and then enjoy.  I certainly will.