That’s part of an argument I had with someone last night.  I need to give up all of this.  I’m not 17 anymore.  It’s not cool to be weird anymore.  Just to inject, weird is something I can’t help.  I can dress up like the yuppiest preppy and I’d feel like I was wearing a costume.  Something weird would still come out of my mouth.  I would still love graveyards, horror everything, and Halloween.  Anyway back to my story.  My odds are a zillion to one.  So I say I must be better than that or there would be no books to read.  It goes on and on but am I right?  Or am I wrong?

So anyway, I’ve had a few private questions about the prize drawing so let me go over it again.

1.  Make a comment on my blog, or ask a question.  Something that makes sense to this blog.

2.  Once you do that, unless you tell me otherwise, your name will go into a hat on Halloween.

3.  I will draw 3 names from that hat on Halloween night.

4.  Those will be the three winners.

5. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get a prize.  I comment on every comment and I don’t get any of it. 🙂

That’s it  Simple.  I’ll ship the prizes to those who do live near me and give the prizes to those who do.  A very few actually live by me.  Odds are, I’ll be shipping.