Hello there my lovely darklings.  Long time no post, right?  I’m sorry about that in case any of you were missing me. lol. But here I am still alive and, shockingly, still capable of hope for my future.  Turns out my resiliency is far harder to kill than any of us thought.  I’m actually way stronger and able to survive than I would have ever imagined. The situation that I’m writing this post in is far far different than any other but I’m still able to look around me and find something to be thankful for.  Something in this life of mine, which really isn’t so great right now but could be and has been much worse, worth appreciating. Thank goodness for that.  I hear from some people that they miss the old Krista. And in some ways I miss her too.  But what made me that person is still here.  I may have close to nothing but the little that I have I’ll share. I keep my word and if you’re my friend I’ll stand by your side and defend you to the bitter end.  This current situation has just led to a wiser more resourceful person.  There is far more out here than I ever imagined.   But now I know about it can incorporate it into what I know about life and use it in my stories.  😉  And I’m thinking that if I plan to write about it, I must plan to get through it.  Right?