Good morning my lovlies.  Maybe it’s the bronchitis and double pneumonia.  Perhaps it’s the fever or the meds I’ve been put on but something caused a few dreams last night, the type that I never expected to have again.

I remember, once upon a time, waking up with the remnant wisps of certain dreams clinging to my mind and my heart, making me try to force myself back to sleep and back to that place before those tendrils hit the reality of consciousness and disolved into the morning light.  I wanted to snuggle into the feeling of those dreams; that feeling of rightness, of belonging, of home.

I’d given up on those dreams and that feeling.  I was asked over the weekend if I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go?  I didn’t have to think.  My answer was immediate.  I would go home.  Seems simple enough to me.  And that for me home is more about a person and small group of people than a place shouldn’t be hard to understand either.  It was though.

More than likely it was a culmination of those things that caused these dreams.  The weird and problematic things were that I was aware during these dreams and they felt good and i liked it.  You would think I’d know better than to let myself feel those things or to allow them to affect me.  But I did and they do so….  I don’t know darklings.  If any of you read this today, advise me please.