Here’s something new that I’ve come up with.  I hope you guys forgive me for being negligent and like this.  It’s been a while since I’ve even tried to write something new, so if you don’t like it, please don’t be too harsh.

Increments wp-1459017717979.gif

The sky outside is gray and moody

Changing with the direction of the wind

And it suits me now, if it’d only rain

I wait for the end to begin

It seems I’ve been dying in increments

Much longer than I’d thought before

And it seems that everything’s all twisted up

I can’t believe I’d hoped for anything more

Because once I thought that I had it all

The whole til death do us part

And it wasn’t a lie but it was a joke

Cause the other half was lacking a heart

And mistakes were made in increments

Each one was  worse than the last

Expanding in exponentials at least

Each one making the future the past