Good morning my loves.  I’m debating going back to sleep.  It’s still plenty early enough to do that and get the rest of my day done.  But I have an update of some good news finally and I wanted to share.  Last night I considered writing this but I figured I’d wait until today.

I finally got to talk to my kids last night.  It was so good to hear those voices.  It was hard too but very much worth it.  They’re ok but they want to come home.  I let them know that I’m trying to make that happen.  I also got a chance to remind them, just in case they were in doubt, that I love them and miss them and I want them to come home as well.  I actuallywp-1456823254787.jpeg just realized, I was so happy and excited to talk to them, I forgot to ask about my dog.  But I guess if something was wrong with him, the kids would have told me.  They did tell me the love me and miss me.

For those couple of minutes last night, I was happy.  Really happy, very, very happy.  For those couple of minutes, I wasn’t worried or even thinking about anything else going on in my life now.  I finally have a little bit of hope again.  Or at least I’m thinking it might be ok  to have some hope again.

So I guess I’m not going to go back to sleep.  I’m chugging coffee at the moment and have stuff that’s got to be done today.  But, all in all, things are starting to look up a little bit.  I’m so used to that not being the case that I forgot what it feels like for things to be ok.  And things maybe being ok isn’t so bad.