Good morning my lovelies.  No coffee today.  I was too lazy to make it for just me.  But everything else is status quo.  It was brought to my attention today that I am not a strong person.  I was not aware of this.  I thought given some of the things I’ve gone through and endured, that I’m pretty freaking strong.  Stronger than I thought, even.

It has also been brought to my attention that I spend a lot of time thinking about what is sensual-fairy-fairies-30632454-1280-800.jpgor could be considered rude.  This, I knew.  But, in regards to both of those statements, I don’t think it hurts.  I am far stronger than I’m given credit for, especially with what I’ve gone through and what I’m continuing to go through.  How many times can you say you thought you had your life under control and then had your legs kicked our from under you?  I can honestly say that in just this past year and a half, for me, it’s been countless times.  I’d have to say that, not only am I strong, I’m pretty freaking resilient.  How many times can you start over, especially in a short amount of time, and then just start over again?  Somehow, I keep managing to do that.

And here’s where the rude stuff comes in.  Just because someone knows how to be polite and treat people with respect doesn’t mean they’re weak.  It harms no one and, I think, fireflowerfairy.jpgshows a level of intelligence and compassion to just be nice to people.  Who does it hurt or what does it cost to hold a door for someone or say “Yes ma’am” or “Yes, sir”?  No one and nothing.  But if you’re nice and good to people, chances are that they’ll be good and nice to you.  So you’re basically benefiting yourself, which also hints at my very selfish side and I readily admit I have one.  But it makes me feel good to be good to people and what does that hurt?

Does it denote weakness?  I guess so.  I was not aware of that.  Just because you can be nice, it automatically means you’re weak?  For me that is not the case.  I just don’t want to hurt people.  It’s easy to hurt someone.  That takes very little effort but it takes a little thought to consider how someone else might feel and act accordingly.  Respect shows strength.  It means you’re okay enough in your own head to be a decent person.  The world might be a better place if people did that.