Good afternoon my lovely loves.  It’s hot here so I’ve got iced coffee and the cigarettes are at a good level, so, except for missing my children, all’s good here now.  I know I haven’t been posting anything lately but that’s not my fault this time.  But I’m back now so fb_img_1454544001415.jpgeverything is copasetic there too.

Here’s the important part of things, this has been the hardest month and a half of my life. But you know what?  I’m still good.  I still find a reason to smile and laugh and something to be grateful for every fucking day despite what other people may want for me.  And I’ve had some time now to think about things and would you like to know what I’ve decided?  Fuck what other people want for me that isn’t good for me or my kids.

I know I’m not usually so…colorful with my language here but I really am using the “F” bomb as an explicative this time and not just tossing it into things as a useless word.  I don’t care anymore what other people may want.  The common interest is gone.  The person I thought he was is being ruled over by “the other one” so there’s no hope from that side anymore.  Decency from the common interest’s side is no longer even hoped for.  Now, I’d bet against it every time.

And all that is good.  It’s fine.  I’ll find some way to get through everything.  My shit is together and, if there’s one thing the common interest should know, it’s that once I’m focused on something, that’s it.  Right now my focus is fuck him and her.  Just give me my kids so someone that loves them can take care of them.