Good morning my loves.  Thanks to payment for some editing I’m doing for a friend, I’ve got a few cigarettes and I’ve got coffee brewing right now.  Thank goodness.  My hand and shoulder still hurt like a mother effer and the scabs are probably going to scar, but it’s not killing me to type right now.  I got some cleaning done yesterday and I’m working on my wp-1454831517741.giftruck to sell it so I can hopefully take care of at least most of my bills.  I’m going to attempt to be hopeful again.

It may be a mistake to do that.  But I can’t help from being hopeful.  It just keeps happening.  There’s still plenty wrong, still lots to worry about but it looks like I can tentatively move in an upward motion.  God I hope so.  If you’re still reading my blog, you’re a trooper and thank you.  I’m sorry that it’s usually a downer but I’m trying to find the good parts and go for them.

The “other one” isn’t around so that’s not a concern right now.  That means the common interest should be easier to deal with.  For a little while at least and I’ll be thankful for that too.  There’s still plenty wrong there as well but I’m trying to focus on the good and not the bad.

I’ve learned some very important life lessons recently, the hard, hard way.  In a nutshell, trust is an illusion.  Pride is swallowable.  Money is more important that just about anything.  Love, except for your children, is a joke.  You’ve got to find something to smile or laugh about no matter how bad things are or they’ll never get better.  Oh, and try to find something to be grateful for everyday.  And I guess that’s about it.  Let’s see how today goes.  Let’s hope it’s a good day for all of us.