Okay my lovelies.  I’m just sitting here by myself and figured I’d share another old poem.  I’m not saying it’s extra deep or anything but I hope you get it and I hope you like it.  Here we go…

Dear Anyone

Dear Someone

Please pay attention

Mrs. Moon and Mr. Sun

Thank you so much for inviting mewp-1458159695645.gif

But it’s really time to go

It’s been some fun, honestly

And more trouble than you can know

I don’t mean to be impolite

I’ve been taught to not be rude

But I think I’d better go tonight

There’s no feeling to go with this mood

You really make a wonderful tea

The flavor is divine

No, don’t you worry about me

I’ll really be just fine

I need a break from all that’s worldly

Catch on to what I’m saying

Send me the check, I’m leaving early

No, really, I insist on paying

I’m going to heal, no more sores

Believe me you’ll all be missed

See you later, sincerely yours

All my love,