Good morning my loves.  This morning I’ve got my coffee, one cigarette that I’m trying to hang on to and, thankfully, my kids came home last night.  I know that quite often they can be a lot to handle but they’re mine and I missed them a lot.  So things are almost right with the world.  My youngest son and I are having an in depth conversation about the Star Wars movies as I write this.  The girls are still snoozing but not for too very much longer.  My oldest daughter’s bus is still coming at the regular time.  I’m curious how this is going to play out.  The “other one” is at work I believe so it shouldn’t be an issue.  I promised our common interest that she’d get two free passes and she’s had them.  And, hey guess wp-1453177342944.jpegwhat?  I learned last night that I’m a stalker.  I don’t know how that is because I’m not stalking anyone as far as I know.  But whatever.

I also found out yesterday that my side of the cul-de-sac is going to be without water from 9am until 5pm today.  That kind of throws a wrench in my laundry plans which sucks but there’s nothing that can be done about that.  There’s plenty of other stuff to be done.  It’s just laundry is the biggest part of the mess in here.  What’s one more day, right?  I’ll just have to get as much done before 9 as I can.  The washer and dryer here are much smaller than what I’m used to anyway.  That’s kind of frustrating but whatever to that one too.  I’m not going to get bent over something I have no control over. bored witch I’ll just be grateful that there’s a washer and dryer in here.

I guess, really, the biggest hurdles now are waiting for the mail and the common interest’s lawyer to call him.  I doubt it’s going to work but I’m going to attempt to get to my mail before it goes out for delivery.  Otherwise I’ll be waiting until about 3 for it.  If I can get it early, I can do some banking, bill paying and grocery shopping while the kids are at school.  My son likes to come home and have soda here so it would be nice to be able to have that for him.

So I guess it’s about that time to get my oldest daughter up and ready for school.  I know this blog doesn’t have much in it today but I don’t want to let the readers that have down by not posting something.  At least this one isn’t depressing.  That’s generally a good thing.  Now let’s just hope I can get to the mail early.  Like I said, I know it’s doubtful but I’ve got to try.