Good morning my darling dears.  I’ve finally got actual sugar for my coffee so that’s a good thing.  Now I’m out of creamer.  But I have milk so it’s all good.  That can work until I have some money.  I need to get all hopped up on coffee so I can get all of the things I was supposed to do over the weekend done since I did absolutely none of it.  I’d planned on cleaning and doing laundry but I just couldn’t be here.  Part of the reason for that, I’m sure wp-1454311846692.gifsome of you know.  The rest is because I miss my kids.

I haven’t even been allowed to talk to them.  They had to go stay with their father and the other one, there was no choice.  I don’t have enough food to feed them and it was made very clear that I am going to have to wait until the very end of the deadline before I’ll get any of my money.  No money means no grocery shopping and they’ve got to eat.  I don’t eat much anymore so I’ll get by somehow.  Maybe I’ll lose some more weight.  Gotta try and find that silver lining.

The thing is that there’s no reason for things to be this way.  It seems stupid and petty to me for everything that’s going on now to be happening.  And I am almost positive without the other one’s presence, our common interest would have let me have the money long before now.  He usually has before.  And that was even while arguing.  This time there wasn’t even any fighting so I don’t get it.  The common interest and I were getting along fine, or as fine as he’ll allow at this point I guess.  Of course it doesn’t help that people I thought were sort of friends are telling lies about me or at least exaggerating what truth wp-1457946881931.jpegthey did say with a bad spin.  I don’t know.

What I do know is that I don’t need any help from them or the other one when it comes to starting stuff between myself and the common interest.  I’d rather have some semblance of a working relationship.  I get that we’re not going to be bunkies or buddies, at least not for a while.  I don’t know, maybe not ever again but we’ve got to get along in some fashion.  It’s messed up that someone who’s supposed to love our common interest would do shit to make his life more difficult just to get at me.