Good morning my friends.  I know this one is kind of late for me but it’s been a busy morning.  Still drinking coffee with no sugar.  Still in dire need of smokes.  Still a freaking wreck.  But that’s all besides the point and not what this one is about though I’m sure I could go on a very elaborate rhetoric about all of it.

This one is to thank my friends for letting me lean so heavily on them for the last year and a few months.  There has been varying degrees on all of you.  Some of you have borne almost the full brunt of the burden of what my life has been since March 25, 2015.  For wp-1459017614624.gifsome of you, just dealing with me has probably been almost as bad as what I’ve dealt with just because I can be a lot to handle sometimes.  You know that saying “It takes a village to raise a child”?  Well it kind of takes one to raise a Krista too.  So all of you who have helped me and my kids deserves a great big thank you and, I don’t know, a trophy or medal or something.  Maybe a t-shirt that reads: I Survived Krista’s Breakdown.  If I ever get out of this…situation I’m in, which some of you do know about but I’m not explaining here, maybe I’ll have some made up and send them out to you.

I am forever grateful to those of you who talked to me through the night.  Told me it’s not a sin to cry.  Let me cry and didn’t make fun of me for it.  Allowed me to immerse myself in their problems so I didn’t have to deal with my own.  Sent me messages throughout the night and day to let me know someone cared about me and was thinking of me and my family when it seemed like those who should, didn’t.  Propped me up, kept me from jumping or just quietly listened while I freaked out and tried to make sense of things.  God and I aren’t always tight but I do believe that all of you are a blessing from him and I do truly love and appreciate all that all of you have taken onto yourselves and into your lives just to help me.  Cause who am I?  I’m no one special or particularly deserving of such love.  But, for whatever reasons, you all gave it to me.  So while I still have a chance, because I’m not sure how much longer I will, this is the best thank you I can give.  I’m still broke, broken and really have nothing else to offer but my words.  None of which are good enough for what I’ve been given.  But here they are.  Thanks and I love you.