Good morning my lovelies.  I’ve been infused with caffeine and nicotine.  Everyone has been fed and gotten off to school.  The cleaning up has begun but I’m taking a quick break and I figured I post something.

I’m doing something a little different today.  Today it’s just going to be one of my older poems.  But it’s one I like.  If you’ve read this far, I hope you like it too.

Tear Down

I’m coming to a close

Wondering why everyone can see mewp-1454311933720.gif

And nobody knows

Carnival at Krista’s is winding down

Everyone littered the trailways

And then left without a sound

The flashing little lights are off

And the freakish absurdities

Seem even less soft

The stale odor of life remains

Around the tied down flaps

And stupid, unwinnable games

Some animals stayed to rest their heads

Yet the most dangerous of all

Made it home to their beds

Rides are still and the flags have stopped flapping

Now with no one around

Only the ghosts do the clapping

It’s packed up and it’s gone before anyone’s aware

Of its good and its evils

Or that they might care