Good morning my lovely darklings.  I have cigarettes but I’m gonna have to travel for coffee.  That’s fine.  If you happen to be awake and its still dark, go look at the moon.  It is particularly lovely tonight.  So full in its partiality, bright and smoky with clouds, bright enough to drown out stars.

Today is my last day in the house that has been my home for the last 9 years.  In a sense I’m glad to leave.  There’s


just too many memories and too much bad karma here to keep dealing with.  On the other hand I’m sad to go because there are so many memories here.  This is this first house my (still) husband and I bought together.  Our youngest daughter has never lived anywhere else and the poor thing is stuck between wanting her mommy and wanting what’s most familiar.

Some of the memories I’ll be glad to be rid of.  Some are going to hurt.  Again.  For probably, hopefully, the last time.    What’s sad is that I’m the only one they mean anything to.  I’m fairly sure my soon to be ex-husband was done before we ever even moved here.  We bought a home for a family he didn’t want and it was a downward spiral from there.

But here is what I know for certain, when we got married, I meant it.  When I said forever, I meant until the end.  The end just came much sooner than I ever expected it to.

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