Good morning my loves.  Just for today I’m going to skip my usual rhetoric about coffee and cigarettes.  If you’ve read more than one of my blogs, you probably know.  This time I want to start with thanking all of my friends for coming to me yesterday with shoulders to lean on and advice.  I truly am shocked and humbled by the amount of people that read my blog yesterday and how quickly you guys responded.

I didn’t think that many people cared about me.  I mean, who am I?  No one particularlywp-1453971143637.gif important.  Kind of a screw up. lol  But some of you don’t care about that and love me anyway.  Thank you.  Trust me, it’s appreciated, really needed since I’ve had my heart trashed and completely reciprocated.

You may be wondering, did we get to three days in a row of being forced to tears?  The answer for that one is yes.  But the upside of that is that yesterday’s tears were mostly anger, stress and frustration.  And, yes, this morning my back and shoulder are killing me.  I’m hoping that the coffee stays down because my esophagus is doing it’s spasm thing as well.  I’ve got some muscle relaxers but they’re not doing it.  I guess this is something I’ve got to learn to deal with.  What’s one more kind of pain?  I am starting to wonder how much pain, how much crap, how much too much of everything I’m going to be able to keep coming back from.

The thing is that I guess we never know how much we can take.  I’m not saying I’m not broken because I completely am.  But thank God I’ve got my friends holding my pieces together until I can do it all by myself.