Good afternoon my dearests.  I’m sorry to draw any of you into this if you don’t want to be but there is only so much shit one person can take and I’m way beyond my limit.  Here is a facebook post that was left for me by my husband’s girlfriend in response to yesterday’s blog post:  wp-1458132261861.jpeg







Nice, don’t you think?  Especially from a woman with the maturity of a teenager, maybe, who hides behind social media and my husband.  Any person who has a spine, or half the heart or pride it take to be a woman, or the woman my husband is really going to spend his life with, around his children, who has the strength it takes to live this life with him, would be able to talk to me instead of posting bullshit on facebook.

It’s also take a super self-involved, spoiled brat to think that everything that I post on my own facebook, in my blog that I’ve had for years, has to do with her.  Because that person is so egotistical that they believe the whole world revolves around her and I have nothing better to do with my time.  I could give a shit about her.  The person I care about is still, at this time, my time husband, who believes the innocent crap she’s playing at when she’s far from that.  I care about my children.  And the fact that I know she is incapable.

The sociopath is not me.  I have owned up to what I’ve done wrong and tried to repeatedly to apologize and make amends.  A sociopath is not going to tell the truth or apologize.  They can’t, I can.  I’m not trying to get attention.  They do, I’m not.  They are unable to feel guilt, I can and do.  Perhaps the sociopath is the one who’s pretending to be something she’s not and lying to the man who is supposed to have his heart and best interest at hers.  No matter what, I loved that man for the man that he is.  I still do.