Good afternoon my darlings.  It would seem that things have taken another turn.  Apparently trying for the high road and ignoring someone who has a nasty spirit does not help.  Still the misery gets spread around.  For what purpose, other than to be a mean person, I have no idea.  The only reason I bothered was because our common interest asked me to.  So for him, I made the attempt.  And he knew I would because he knows I love him and that I’m a nice person who is capable of taking more than my own wants into consideration.

The one good thing is that I don’t have to lie about the negative stuff I could say.  For the most part I keep all of that to myself anyway.  Because I’m just a decent person that waywp-1453253826312.jpeg.  The situation is bad enough without purposefully doing immature, childish stuff to make it worse.  Why do that?  All it does is drive our common interest further away from both of us.  If that’s the goal, she’s doing a good job of it.

I know a lot of things.  Things about my troll and things about our common interest that I keep to myself.  Luckily for them, I’m an excellent secret keeper.  And for him, I’m exceptionally loyal.  I’ve said this before and I’ll reiterate it now.  Why make our common interest unhappy on purpose because our common interest has a bad temper and there’s no sense and spurring it on.  Why ruin our common interest when he still does have some good qualities?

It makes no sense to me. Especially when the troll is the one that’s wrong.  14 of the 23 year turn around that she’s referred to were spent with me.  So who knows him better?  A practical stranger whose biggest draw is the past and the fact that she’s different from me or the person who has spent the years from 23 to 37 giving everything to him?  Our common interest is making a mistake on this one.  I just wish I could make him see that before it’s too late.