Good afternoon my lovelies.  I had left my blog for today to give things a rest for a day and let everyone sort themselves and catch their breathes.  I thought my last blog and keeping to myself so far today was enough to call some form of “I hate you but for the well being of our common interest, let’s just stop” truce.  But apparently not.

What do I need to do?  I’m being accused of things that the “other person” is doing, not wp-1457169387012.jpegme.  I’ve tried to higher road of ignore the stupid bitch but that’s not working.  I’ve tried get to her level and retaliate but that just spurs her on.  She obviously listens to our common interest about as well as I do, so running to tell him doesn’t help me.  When she snitches, I get hollered at.  When it’s me, I’m told to be the bigger person.

Let’s just take stock for a moment here.  This person has our common interest pretty much in her possession.  She’s putting stuff on social media about or involving my children.  She talks trash about me and hides behind our common interest even though I’ve contacted her directly in a pleasant and not so pleasant manner.  This person is not the innocent woman she’s pretending to be.  I am not the horrible person I’m made out to be.  One way or another, at some point in time, she knew the man she was getting involved with was married, with children.  That is not innocence.  That is not “meant to be” love.  That’s an adulteress.  Any other word for it and she’s also delusional.