Good morning my darlings.  I just used the last bit of coffee in this house to make a half a pot.  I’m not sure if I should buy more or not.  I guess I could bring some from the townhouse.  There has to be coffee one way or another.

So anyway, with the help of some friends there is now some furniture in the house.  It’s beginning to look like a home now, thank goodness.  I’ll be taking one of the televisionswp-1457169416963.gif over there so the kids can watch Netflix while stuff gets done.  It’s been very boring there for them.  Once I get regular television and the internet hooked up, they’ll be happier.

I think maybe next weekend we’ll try a sleepover.  The beds aren’t there yet and won’t be for a while but the dining room is together so there’s a place to sit and eat.  And there’s the sectional sofa and some bean bag chairs.  I have an inflatable mattress too.  So there are places to sleep even without the beds.  It’s doable and I think it’s a good idea to start trying it out early so the kids can adjust instead of just springing it on them.

It’ll be good for me too.  I’m going to need to get used to sleeping there too.  Having some friends over will help as well.  Making new, good memories there should help me let go of some of the memories from here.  This house has some bad juju with it and I want to leave that here too.  There’s only been two families to live in this house and both of the marriages ended badly.  I don’t need to take that with me.  Whoever lives here next can keep it.  It will be a house warming gift from me to them.