Good morning my dearests.  There are some people in particular who are expecting this post today and I’d hate to be predictable.  But I’m going to be.  I’ve been thinking about what I want to write here and how I want to express that since last night.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll just write and let it happen or if this should be written, edited and tweaked.  Probably a little of both.wp-1457169367510.jpeg

There are some people out there, my loves, that are very anti-me.  It’s fair though because I’m just as anti-them.  Only, I have every reason to feel this way.  This person lies, starts shit and hides behind our common interest.  This person does not know me or anything about my relationship with our common interest, not before this recent intrusion or after.  And this person must be delusional if the idea that our common interest would be ok with what has been put up certain places crossed their mind.

This person does not know the details of the conversations between me and our common interest.  I’m not going to give them up of course.  Those things are private between our common interest and myself.  I will say this though.  I know our common interest.  Not from decades ago but who our common interest has become.  I know what our common interest is like after this initial glow and when things are as bad as they can be.  Just because I didn’t always do what our common interest wanted, doesn’t mean I don’t know what was wanted.  And eventually this person is not going to do what our common interest wants either.  Then what’s familiar, comfortable and accepting will become home again.

This person must be hateful to try to be hurtful.  This person must be extremely insecure to need to do what’s been done.  What is there to prove?  Our common interest and I do not need anyone else involved in what is left of us.  And when our common interest finally has had enough of this person’s bullshit, our common interest will check out on this person too.  And, my dears, do you know who will be left?  Do you know who will always have some piece of our common interest’s life?  Not this other person.  Me.