Good morning my darklings.  I’m having my coffee waiting for the call or the email saying that school is delayed or something.  It snowed a little last night.  Again.  There’s not enough to shovel which is a good thing because my back really hurts.  I am not up for making it worse.  Moving heavy stuff by myself is getting kind of old.  There’s nothing like getting halfway to the door with a box and feeling that twinge that says you need to stop and put the box down but having no choice but to keep going.  Then needing to go back and get another.  Oh well.

I think I might have to hire someone to put some stuff together for me.  I’m fairly decent at that kind of stuff but I have my limits.  I’ll try again before I do that though.  One more time to give it the old college try.  But considering I didn’t finish that either, I may need to wp-1454831525833.giffind another phrase.  lol  See?  Husbands can be useful.  Unfortunately, I’ll only have one of those for another month.

This will be weird.  Even though we’ve been apart for almost a year, I still give him some consideration.  Very soon I’ll be in my own place, with my things and I can do pretty much whatever I want whenever I want to do it.  It’s also kind of sad too though.  This house has been my home for the last nine years.  It’s the only home my youngest child has ever known.  My dog has to stay here.

Everyone will adjust I guess.  There really is no other choice anyway.  It can be amazing what you can do when you have no other options.  It’s like the back twinge.  I still have to move the boxes.  Except this twinge is in my heart but I still have to keep breathing..