Good morning my dearests.  The coffee is keeping me functioning right now.  Another night down with very little sleep.  I was sleeping so well for roughly an hour before I heard the call of, “Mommy….mommy.  Mommy!”  Oh well, I guess.  But I really am so very, very tired.  My eyes are burning and I’m seriously considering just leaving this for a while and laying back down but I’m afraid of what kind of dreams I’ll have.

Ok.  So I did go back to sleep.  Another hour and a half of sleep and one more weird dream into my day.  I just chugged cup of coffee number three and I’m still sitting here trying to wp-1456823254787.jpegstay awake.  Let me just start telling you about the dreams, or what I remember of them and what I’ve found they’re supposed to mean, and maybe concentrating on something will help me lock into being awake.

The main thing in this first dream was I was stung by a hornet so I looked that up and that’s supposed to mean that I’m worried about a situation or person that is a lingering threat to me getting out of control if I stand up for myself.  To be stung by one, which I was so strongly that I really felt it, symbolizes anger and revenge.  I can’t imagine why I’d be having a dream like that.  The other dream dealt with me buying a mattress.  This turned out to be freakily apt as well.  A bare mattress, which it was, is about an uncomfortable or unsatisfying situation that I’m choosing to hang on to.  It’s a sign that some part of my life is missing something and I’m deciding to try and relax into it to avoid making things even more uncomfortable.  Crazy, right?  Even I was surprised at how close to the mark these things hit for me.

So now I’m not sure if I should look forward to sleeping and dreaming to give me some insight into what going on in my head or if I should dread that even my subconscious is telling me things I already know but try to bury deep down inside.  I don’t know.  As the cause of these dreams always says, it is what it is.