Good morning my darlings.  I’m impatiently waiting on my coffee.  These minutes that it takes for a pot to brew have got to be extra long somehow.  I have no idea how time knows to slow things down because I want coffee but it does.  It’s not fait though.  There was only about an hour and a half between one third of my kids going to bed like the other two and another one waking up.  That’s practically nightly and that makes for a very tired me.  And that, my friends, means coffee is very important.

Anyway, I made the stuffed flounder last night and it was all eaten and well liked.  Thank goodness.  I was a little nervous because yesterday was the first time I cooked using the stove at the new house and it’s electric.  I’ve never used an electric stove before and they do heat up a lot faster than a gas stove.  It’s not like I’m known for my cooking skills as it wp-1453177372685.gifis without needing a learning curve to go with it.  I think I am much better than I used to be though.  Most of my kids are very picky eaters and they like what I cook enough that no one has starved.

Yesterday was also better than usual because there was no real fighting going on.  There was some contention but barely and briefly.  I wish there was none.  There’s no real reason for there to be any.  It’s not as if any of us need the extra stress in our lives.  Who wants to fight all of the time?  I surely don’t.  It doesn’t help any that I usually lose one way or another.  Either I lose the fight or I win but my feelings get stomped all over.  But anyway, that didn’t happen yesterday so that’s a good one in my book.