Good morning my lovelies.  I had to make my own coffee this morning.  That would have been fine if I hadn’t  ripped the scab off of one my busted knuckles in the process.  That kind of hurt and sucked to wake up to but I guess shit happens.  A little blood sacrifice to the coffee gods. lolwp-1454831639275.jpeg

I’ve managed the grocery store this morning.  Some things for this house and some things for the soon to be home.  There are plans for dinner tonight.  The kids that are difficult will be having hotdogs and French fries.  The rest of us are having stuffed flounder and cheesy rice and broccoli.  I think that sounds fairly awesome.  I will definitely be taking the digestive medicine in plenty of time for dinner tonight.  Let’s hope I can keep this down.

There’s lots of laundry and sorting still going on.  I was advised to break everything down to the “must haves” but I’ve been basically living on must haves for almost a year now.  I guess that means I have to go to “what can’t we possibly live without?”

I guess as I go I’ll figure it all out.  I still have a little more than a month to get out of here so I’ll have to use the time as best I can.  The sooner the better I think.  I’m sure he thinks that too.