Good morning my darklings.  I’m trying to convince my son to make some coffee.  So far no dice.  I may just have to make him.  Ok.  Coffee is being made.  We will survive.

So last night I experienced the first thunderstorm at my new house.  And boy was it a big one.  But I love thunderstorms so I took it as a good sign.  It was very nice to sprawl for a wp-1454831577716.gifcouple of minutes on two bean bag chairs with some incense burning and listen to the rain pouring down and the thunder rumbling in the sky.  There was some music playing kind of softly in the background.  Just being able to just be calm and breathe was really therapeutic.

What wasn’t very cool was driving across a flooded underpass through too much rain water to get back to my kids.  I probably shouldn’t have done it but it was necessary.  And I was lucky enough to get to the house and get my new kitchen table in before the downpour started.  I have to leave my kitchen set here because it won’t fit in the new place.  That kind of sucks because I really do love this set.  And it was one of the last things my husband and I picked out together.  But such is life I guess.

I just have to focus on the good stuff in the situation.  How many people get two new kitchen sets in the same amount of years, right?