wp-1454311870475.gifGood morning my lovelies.  I know this is later than usual but I trashed the other post I had written.  A lot of things happened yesterday and there’s a lot happening today.  It’s all pretty scary to me because it’s so different from the way things have always been but I think it’ll be good in the long run.

Yesterday I signed a lease for a townhouse.  So now I won’t have to live in my truck with the kids.  Bonus for us.  I also followed up on a job and have an interview this afternoon.  It’s not necessarily a great job but it’s a job and I haven’t had one for the last 14 years.  Not that I haven’t been doing nothing that whole time.  I’ve been a stay at home wife and mother and that is a tough job.  I actually have it on my resume. lol  I put done that my last job was working for the Krueger family because it is experience and it is what I’ve been doing this whole time.  I also started the process of having an in between web store.  So once I get that all set up, I’m counting partially on you readers to get some people to my site.  Please. 🙂

So it would seem that all of my ducks are lining up.  I’ve got a car.  I’ve got a place to live.  I’ve got a job interview and the start of an on line thing that I can do from home.  Please, God, let this all work out for me and my family.