Good morning darklings.  I’ve had plenty of coffee and cigarettes since I’ve been up since 2am.  I’ve been thinking about where I’m going to live in a very short amount of time.  That’s pretty stressful.  But I’ve got applications in at a couple of different places and I’m just waiting to hear something.  That’s pretty stressful too.  Being homeless is probably worse though.  wp-1454831549684.gif

I saw a pretty nice place yesterday.  The zip code is the issue.  It would let two of my kids stay in the schools they’re already attending but my youngest one’s school would change.  That would really upset her.  And me, really.  No one wants that.

I was told I was beautiful yesterday too.  So that was nice.  Beautiful is rarely a word that I’ve heard used to describe me.  I liked it though.  I think I’d like to keep hearing it.  That would be pretty awesome.  It’s nice when someone makes you feel good about yourself and it’s wonderful when your ego gets stroked.

My horoscope for today is pretty awesome as well.  Apparently my love life is supposed to get playful and interesting.  I’m going to meet someone at a bookstore or library.  And if you know me you know those are places I’m likely to be.  Maybe the odds are going to shift in my favor.  We’ll see I guess.  Who knows?