Good morning my lovelies.  Oh it is far too early.  I’m so tired.  I’ve been dozing off sitting straight up watching tv or playing on my phone.  So there’s a fresh cup of coffee beside me now and maybe that will help.  Some more sleep would be awesome but that’s not going to happen.  Someone who needs me is wide awake and does not want to be lonely, I guess.  wp-1454831525833.gif

Also my chest is killing me.  I get these esophagus spasms that are caused by stress.  It is uncomfortable to say the least.  But I am stressed out.  My visitor from the other day has been here in my house at some point three out of the last four days.  And, I’m not sure why it was attempted, but my plans for today were almost ruined.  They’ve been salvaged so it’s all ok but it could have been less contentious.  Why not let me do something with a friend?  What good does that do anyone?

I don’t know but my visitor seems to have become pretty comfortable hanging out in my house.  Even that would be ok if I could believe there were no ulterior motives involved.  I may never be able to believe that of my visitor every again.  That makes me sad because not long ago I would have trusted my visitor more than I trust myself.  And my visitor keeps telling me to trust them.  I do want to but it just can’t happen.

Here’s what I see happening.  I’m going to feed everyone some breakfast.  Then I’ll get myself together.  Go out for a bit.  Come home and do a whole bunch of laundry.  That’s not such a bad day.  I’ve definitely had far worse Sundays.  So everything is still alright.  I’m still riding that wave.