Good morning my dearests.  I bet you thought I forgot about you.  Don’t worry.  Just because I’ve got stuff going on doesn’t mean that I’m going to change my routine all that much.  This is kind of cathartic for me and hopefully I can make someone smile or let someone know that stuff can get crappy but it will get better in the process.  That’s the best case scenario for me.  Maybe someone gets some insight and basically get a free therapist that I don’t have to look at.  Worst case, nobody reads this and I still don’t have to pay anyone to listen to me.wp-1453034671662.jpeg

My to-do list has been reduced to about a ton of laundry.  Yes, my friends, the house is respectable again.  Personally, I think it’s pretty freaking immaculate for living with kids and a big dog.  People dropping by is no longer a worry.  I had a friend, no two actually, here last night and it was all good.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves and it made me happy.  My poor dog wasn’t really happy but once we were alone he got to sprawl out on the loveseat and he’s currently snoring so I think he got over it.

There are tentative plans for some fun stuff on Sunday so it looks like I’m getting some semblance of a life again.  I was doubtful for a while even though I try to be as positive as I can about things but the pendulum has swung back to the good side.  We’ll see for how long but I’ll ride this wave as long as I can.  Of course it will crash but waves are constantly in flux just like life so even when that does happen I just have to wait for another swell.

Right now I just need another cup of coffee and some breakfast because I am starving.  Things could be, and have been, worse.  That’s cool though because you can’t really enjoy when things are good unless you’ve been through some bad.  It makes you appreciate all nice, simple things like laughing and smiling and isn’t that worth it?  I think I’ll think so in the long run.