Good morning my darklings.  It’s still very early but I’ve been up for a while so I’m a few cups of coffee and some cigarettes in to the start of my day.  The cool thing about this post is I’m doing it from my laptop.  It’s been fixed and it’s all pretty and functional again.  Now the trick will be to keep other little hands from getting on it.  I want to say wp-1453034657711.jpegthat I won’t let that happen but it’s almost a given that one will be on the desktop and another will start complaining and I’ll hand this thing over to make that stop.

So I’ve got a car now and this has been fixed.  All I need is a job and a place to live and everything might just be ok.  Cause those are two small things.  The job thing I expected to be difficult but I never thought that the place to live thing would be so hard.  I figured I could just show some papers and that would be that.  But that is not that.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  I used to work at an apartment complex and I know how hard nosed they can be.  Hopefully I’ve found an acceptable solution.  I’m just waiting for phone calls to tell me if that’s the case.

This has got to do the trick.  There’s just no other way.  Not that I can see and no one is stepping forward to offer any other suggestions.  I mean, the car is very nice and comfortable but the idea of living in it doesn’t sit well.  And of all of its features, my car does not come with a bathroom.  That alone is a deal breaker.  Somehow this will all work out.