Good morning my lovelies.  I’ve got coffee and cigarettes.  I’ve also got a lot of stuff to do so this is gonna be a quickie.  Much to do on the to-do list.  I had an unexpected visitor yesterday and I’ve just got a bad feeling about things.  Whenever that visitor is around me and won’t look me in the eyes, that visitor is lying or hiding something.  I don’t think there were any lies, at least none that I’m not already aware of.  I know that may sound confusing but it’s true.  I know there are lies, I’m just not sure what it is that’s being lied about.  There’s lots of things that they could be but no one is fessing up just yet.  So that leaves hiding something.

I was unprepared for this visitor so my house was a complete mess.  I’m sure it will be assumed that it looks this way all of the time though that is not the case.  It doesn’t matter.  Even if everything was perfect it would be assumed that that was out of the norm.  So today will be spent getting everything back together again.  Joy.  That’s fine though.  It needs to be done anyway.  Then I can start moving forward again.  Just a slight hiccup on the road to better things hopefully.

I don’t think I can be made to feel worse about myself but someone seems to find a new level of low all of the time.  The best thing I can think to do right now is to get prepared for the fallout.  So I’m off of here and back to the chores.  Yay.