Good morning my darklings.  I’ve got the coffee and cigarettes so I’m ready to go.  I’m getting a little later than usual start because I slept a bit longer than usual this morning.  Last night ended on a stressful note and the best thing I could think to do about it was go to sleep.  Apparently my mind felt the same way because instead of being up and down all night, I slept until just a little bit ago without waking up in between.wp-1453329051499.gif

I have got to find some way to work from home, from here to wherever I end up.  That’s not such a big deal except, despite what some people may think and every reason to point to the opposite, I’m a very trusting person.  I’m not very good at judging lies and scams from legitimate possibilities.  And it’s not as if I know anyone who does anything of the sort to ask for advice.  This is a necessity though.  For a couple of reasons, some personal and some just because that’s how the world works.

Personally, it’s because I think earning money of my own for the first time in over a decade would be very beneficial to my sense of self and self worth.  Being a stay at home wife and mother is great and, again despite what other’s may say, given more than the less than stellar situation things were before, it’s what I like to do and what I’m good at.  I do best with a goal and a purpose.  I do best when I am taking care of someone.  Take those away and I falter.

Now, naturally, I have the kids to take care of and in some bits and pieces someone else.  But the ability to do what I need to to take care of these people is just beyond my reach at the moment.  It’s still out of my control so I’ve got to find a way to work around it.  There’s no other option or choice in the matter.  I can’t wait and see anymore.  So today I’ll be venturing out into the world at on-line, at home working.  First the laptop is going in for repair so that won’t be able to stop me and then, I guess we’ll see what happens.

Wish me luck on this on too please, my lovely, darkling friends.  Grant me the ability to not be naïve and blindly trusting anymore.  If I don’t want to end up lost, for more than my sake, that won’t happen. I’ll still be the stay at home mother and wife (on some levels) but I’ll be the work from home version of all those things as well.