Good morning my darklings.  Coffee and cigarette in hand, I sit here typing.  It’s either that or put on my make-up and I don’t think I’m quite awake enough to do that right now without having to start it all over at some point.  So…into the light

Today, after many, many months, I should have a car again.  And after many, many years this one will be one that I pick out for myself.  I’ll admit that it is a little scary.  I haven’t driven in over a year so I’m afraid I’m going to be rusty.  Hopefully it’s like riding a bike and sex and it will all come back to me naturally.  Thankfully I was smart enough to keep my license and insurance current so I’ll be able to pick what I want, within an affordability range, sign some papers and drive home.

Does anyone have a make or model they’re particular too?  Thankfully I have a couple of friends who are very good with cars so I have them to ask for advice so I’m not going in totally incompetent.

If I can get my camera phone to ever start working again, maybe I’ll post a few pictures of whatever it is that I chose.  Wish me luck  please.  Good thoughts are always accepted here.  Thanks.