Good morning my lovely friends.  I’m back for the second installment.  I’ve had almost a pot of coffee, some cigarettes, some honest conversation (gasp!) and I think I’m ready to make my blog post for the day.

It would seem, my friends, my invited ones, that I’ve attracted a troll.  This troll and I share a common interest.  This interest is…in some senses, wavering.  And that’s ok.  It’s also ok that I have this troll.  It shows some intelligence where I thought there was little.  It does appear, though, that this troll is spoiled, selfish, greedy, untrusting (though that may not be unfounded) and, well, kind of a little bitch of a troll.  Because I’ve tried to contact this troll directly more than once and have only received hang ups and weak Facebook posts that were promptly taken down once our shared interest found out about them.

So I have to resort to this.  This passive-aggressive post to my troll because I know a troll will be a-trolling.

It would seem, my friends, that my troll has trust issues with our common interest.  And that’s ok too.  That’s for trolls to deal with however they deal with that stuff when they troll and don’t like what they find.  This causes my troll to be unhappy.  And my troll spreads the unhappiness around.  First to our common interest and then that trickles down to me.  And that’s bullshit.

Here’s what my troll doesn’t understand.  I don’t do, say or post anything for the benefit or detriment of my troll. I could care less about a troll’s well-being.  But I will take care of our shared interest to the best of my ability, if only for the common interest’s sake.  I’m not going to be the one to  kill off what good there is, what niceness and decency our common interest has left.  Which is sad.  Because our common interest could be beneficial to both of  us. Probably for different reasons because I am not a self-serving troll.  I also have nothing to lie about and nothing to hide. I’m not sure exactly why the troll does.  Maybe our common interest should ask that question.  But that part isn’t for me.