Good afternoon my lovelies.  I know this is very, very late for me but I’ve been busy and pained. Thanks to donations from wonderfully kind neighbors, I’ve got a couple of cigarettes and I’m taking in the last of my coffee as I type.  I hope if any of you are in the worried fairypath of this past blizzard, you’re safe and still well stocked because the snow and ice don’t seem to be going anywhere.  At least around here.  That would be why I’m so late and in so much pain right now.

I’ve been shoveling about 3 feet of snow for hours yesterday and today.  Today was a late start because my tummy muscles were so sore from the hours moving snow yesterday.  Once I’d eaten enough aspirin that I felt I could safely move again, I went back out until the aspirin started to wear off.  That probably says a little something about my activity level.   Apparently walking a couple of miles a day doesn’t do much for the tummy.  On the upside, if this keeps up I might have a nicer stomach to go with my nicer legs by spring. lol

It’s’ still not done, though I think I’ve moved about a ton of this stuff my grandfather, who I fully agree with, called white shit.  This stuff has totally screwed up my plans.  Delaying everything that was supposed to garner me some freedom.  Such is life, I guess. The longer I wait for things the more I’ll appreciate them.   But I have to say I can’t imagine appreciating them more than I would right now. 

Patience is a virtue that, thankfully, I seem to have developed a large amount of.  That’s a very good thing considering how much of my life has been spent waiting for the last year or so.  Patience and hope actually.  I think hope is a virtue.  It should be.  It’s still keeping me alive while my patience runs its course.  I can only use a little more of that hope to hope that I have enough patience to outlast this snow, this time table and string of difficulties that have, hopefully lol, only come my way to teach some important life lesson.  Now I wait and see.