Good morning gothlings.  I’m up earlier
than usual posting this because of the dreams i was having and the snow.  There are far fewer smokes left in my cigarette pack than I’m comfortable with and I’m out of coffee and sugar.  I’m prepped to be unhappy.  When I finally go out to shovel, what am I going to drink to get the feeling back in my fingers? 

And I’d really love to get some more sleep.  These dreams are haunting me.  I can convince myself of so much while I’m awake.  But my subconscious betrays me.  So many of my dreams now include memories of the good times.  Or versions of them.  Small kisses, easy words, comfortable hugs, laughter. 

It feels good.  And it continues to feel that way for a couple of seconds.  Then my waking mind kicks in and I remember how things really are.  Oh well.  This shall pass eventually too I guess.  Maybe my dreams will include someone they’re holding at bay now.

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