Good morning my lovely little creatures of the night.  If you live anywhere near me I hope you’re all stocked up on the staples and you have a very heavy coat to wear while you wp-1453329041528.jpegshovel about two feet of snow and ice.  Let’s all take a moment and thank Mother Nature for saving up all November and December to dump a shit ton of snow on us at the end of January.  I don’t know.  This kind of storm usually happens in March so maybe this will be the one big snow of the season.  Maybe we can just get it out of the way now and be done with it.  I’m probably wrong and I definitely know it but let’s just hope.

If my laptop would stop eating everything I write or my desktop had Word installed on it, I could say, “Well I can spend the time I’m not shoveling, writing.”  Sadly, neither of those are the case.  If I could find my thumb drive, I could just save it there but I only have one right now and that is hiding.  There is always pen and paper which is probably what I’ll resort to but, man, that sucks.  And then when I can finally get my laptop fixed or get somewhere to get a few thumb drives, I’m going to have to type it up anyway.  But perhaps I’ll get a decent amount written down and it can kind of be like a rough edit.  I’ll be able to alter and fix things as I go.

Stupid snow.  Grumble.  I won’t be happy until it’s gone.  I’m definitely going to run out of coffee and cigarettes.  That is not good.  I’m sorry to bitch.  It’s not like I’m the only one going to be effected by the snow storm.  And at least I have a warm house and food to shelter me through.  Let’s just breathe.  This too shall be overcome with time.