Good morning darklings.  I’m sitting here with cigarette and coffee in hand, typing as a very cold draft seeps in from the window beside me.  You know what else is out that window besides cold wind?  Snow.  And more of it’s coming.  A lot more.  The blizzard wp-1453329067432.jpegwatch starts later today.  Joy of joys.  In case this is your first time reading one of my blogs, let me explain that I hate snow.  I’d be happy to watch it fall, enjoy how pretty and white and crisp it looks.  Then have it just go away.  That would make snow tolerable.  But just barely.  It would seem that whole winter pretending it was spring is all over with and now winter has come to kick our asses.  Wonderful.

I don’t like and naturally don’t trust, things and/or people that pretend to be something  or someone they’re not.  Warm enough for shorts in December is a pretty good indicator that sooner or later Mother Nature is going to bite you in the butt.  Unfortunately people are much harder predict.  I know if you say you love Metallica and you can only name one song and it’s something like Enter Sandman, you’re a joke musically.  What I’m talking about is masquerading as a whole other person for years.  Aside from that making you a liar, if you let someone fall in love with your pretend persona for, say, fourteen years, it makes you a bad person too.  And it just has to be exhausting.  Wouldn’t you think?

Now granted my situation isn’t quite that bad but it’s pretty close.  I know that when you’re with someone for a long time you both grow and change as people.  The key to making that work is to grow and change together.  You both become a little different but those core qualities that you each fell in love with are still there.  And for goodness sake don’t lie about things to keep the other person in love and hopeful that everything is going to be ok.  That is cruel.  And even worse is to show those core qualities that the other person fell in love with to get them to agree to things and do things that you want.  Very not nice.  Very uncool.  Very stupid of that other person (read me) to fall for it every freaking time.

So I guess what I’m saying is just be honest.  It makes everyone’s life so much easier.