pirate witch

Good afternoon my lovelies.  It’s come to my attention that the blog post from this morning was for some reason blocked.  I did a little searching and I think I’ve figured out what I did wrong.  Somehow in my not-enough-coffee induced haze I set it from public to private, password protected.  I think I have fixed that.  Why blog if you don’t want anyone to see it anyway?  Kind of a stupid option.  At least in my case.  So this little blog is just to see if it’s been fixed properly.

I wouldn’t bother to write a blog if I didn’t want to share it with my like minded darklings.  Or anyone else who happens upon it.  So hopefully this worked.  In some cases I’ve become so outdated that I’m almost computer illiterate.  Which is kind of funny since when I was in college, I worked at the library there as the computer help person, fixing everyone’s problems with word programs and formulas for Excel spreadsheets and even at one time I could show them how to fix their database projects.  Now I’m lucky that I can properly use MicrosoftWord. But, hey, college was a long time ago and I was actually going for nursing anyway.  So who can blame a girl?

So anyway, if you can read this and, with any luck, this morning’s post, could you please drop a comment to let me know I’ve done it right?  I’d appreciate it.  Any other comments are more than welcome as well, of course.