Good morning darklings.  I have a couple of cigarettes left but no coffee and no way of getting any.  It could be an almost disastrous start to my day but I won’t let it get me down.  I could always make a cup of tea.  As I sit here listening to the wind blow around the house and rake tree limbs against the siding, a cup of nice, hot tea sounds that much better.

So I’ve just started blogging again.  I know why I started in the very beginning.  And I definitely know the things that caused me to stop.  I can even say why I started back up.  What I can’t, with any certainty, say is why I keep doing it or really why anyone cares enough to read what I write.  Why does what I think count?

Don’t get me wrong, its cool to look at my stats and see that there are people who do seem to want to know my thoughts on things.  I appreciate it and it is an ego boost.  And my ego can use all the help it can get, especially now.  It’s just with the crap that’s been said about me, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to know any of the thoughts that squirrel around my head.

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