Good morning my lovely darklings.  Coffee and cigarette are in hand and I’ve noticed something.  I saw it before but forgot about it.  Mostly on purpose.  Mostly for my sanity and survival. 

Just by chance while glancing down at my coffee mug (I’m generally a right-handed smoker, left-handed coffee drinker lol) it came to my attention again.  The line created by my wedding rings is still fairly apparent.  I haven’t worn them in a while now so it’s not like a tan line or anything. 

Months ago I was promised that it would go away.  Just like I was told I would eventually want to be with someone else.  That hasn’t happened and now I see that I’m basically branded.  I’ve had to explain to a guy before that the reason I still had a ring mark was because the split was still fairly recent at the time.  What’s the deal now?

I think it’s a sign.  The majority of my friends are men and I’m not really interested in any of them romantically.  I’ve gotten offers from guys and turned them down.  I may be loyal to a fault. 

Unfortunately I’m in love with, and loyal to, an ideal that was never true.  I’ve found and had who I wanted but he comes and goes and there’s never any telling when that apparition of a person will appear.  But if the time that has passed is any indicator, I’ll wear a ghost of his ring forever.

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