Good morning my special gothlings.  I’ll admit that the coffee and cigarette that I’m having now are not first of the day.  My day actually started about three this morning.  Most of my mornings have been starting around then lately.  I’m normally a sunset, moonlight kind of girl but through sheer repetition, sunrises are starting to grow on me.  And it’s kind of nice that each morning that I open my eyes and take that first breath I’m made aware that whatever happened the night before and however many times death was wished upon me, I still get up and basically get to say fuck you, I’m alive.  It’s also pretty nice that when everyone in the house wakes up they’re happy to see me and like what I make for breakfast.

It would be nice if I could eat any of what I cook but they all seem to enjoy it.  Even the experimental baked french toast was received well.  I still have my coffee so it’s ok.  It’s got a few food groups.  Coffee is ground beans so that’s a vegetable and creamer is a dairy, right? 

Weight loss is better than food right now anyway.  It gets you smaller clothes and more attention, both of which I enjoy.  Maybe I’ll use a nugget of love or lust or something to work into a new paranormal romance.  Then I can have some cool new preternatural power to go along with a new guy.

You have to admit that it seems like otherworldly gifts a men are somehow just as much of a curse.  Viola.  You have the beginnings of a plot.  And I think they’re both as tempting.  Especially those damaged ones.  Guys, not a unearthly capacity.  And generally a female protagonist has to learn how to use and trust them both without losing herself.

Looks like I have something to ponder over the next cup of coffee.  Maybe once I have everyone fed and taken care of I’ll finally break through this blockage and write again.